The Impact of Media on Children Essay

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In today’s society, there are a number of factors that affect a child’s ability to learn. The media, for good and for bad, is the primary teacher of American youth. This environment reflects life itself, sometimes in a corrupt way, including the positive and heinous parts, along with the beautiful and hideous parts, as well as the charitable and violent parts. It is almost impossible to protect American youth from experiences reflecting the adult world when the media invades homes and becomes so much a part of everyday living. “American teenagers spend 31 hours a week watching television, 10 hours a week online, 4 hours a week reading magazines, and 17 hours a week listening to music” (Miss). Even though mass media is a huge part of a child’s learning process and has benefits like the ability to expand their education on the world and the ways of society, more often it offers a poor form of socialization with no opportunity for physical interaction and negatively affects a child’s cognitive and social development by introducing him/her to adulthood at an early age through the constant issues of stereotypes, sexism, and violence that occur within American society.
The first two years of a child’s life is a critical time for their brain development (How). Television as well as other forms of media, in moderation, can be an wonderful educator and entertainer for American youth (How). Although, media often gets in the way of children exploring their surroundings as well as…