Explain Why We Need To Replace A Second Language

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If there is a child who is learning English as their second language and has two months not being able to speak a single word in English, I would not refer him to speech therapy. Unless, if he definitely cannot pronounce words either in his home language or second language then yes, I would refer him to speech. The reason for this is because the child may need time to have the courage to speak or may just not understand most language. He does understand some speech and responses non-verbally and this is a great start for him. It is important that teachers do not attempt to replace the child’s first language with English. “The teachers should never attempt to replace the child’s home language with the second language.” (Bullard, J. (2017). pg. 234). We have to respect their language and just scaffold the vocabulary that you want to teach the children. Using a lot of pictures, gestures or manipulatives with the vocabulary will help the child learn and capture the word meaning. “It is important to use gestures, manipulatives and visual aids to assist” (Bullard, J. (2017). pg. 235).…show more content…
Having materials that represent their culture is another way of preserving their home language. Speaking with the parents and asking about any songs that are sung in their home and having children sing the songs in class. “Ask families and community members to tell stories or sing a song in their language.” (Bullard, J. (2017). pg. 235). Children will feel more comfortable in an environment where they see culturally relevant materials or activities. This will help the child learn English in an environment where he feels respected and valued for his
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