Explaining the Gospel of Mark

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When I read Mark during church we would read the long ending, at the time I didn’t know the difference between the endings. I was confused to why there were three different parts to it and they were broken up as if they were supposed to be a new verse. When I asked the leader of the class she couldn’t give me an explanation. With the research I have done I feel that I have come to a conclusion as to which ending is the most correct and why there are multiple endings.

When the Sabbath was over, Mary the mother of James, Mary Magdalene went to the tomb where Jesus had been buried. A large stone closed off the entrance and when they arrived the stone had been moved. An angel appeared to them and told them not to be alarmed for Jesus had risen. But, they were alarmed and when the angel told them to go tell the disciples and Peter that Jesus had risen they were afraid, ran away, and didn’t tell anyone.

The gospel of Mark ends rather abruptly at verse 16:8, in the middle of a sentence but according to Mann the beginning also started very abruptly means it could still have been written by Mark. In this ending Mary and Mary the mother of James are headed to the tomb where Jesus has been buried, they are bringing spices to anoint the body of Jesus. According to Harrington this is rather odd because it is not custom for someone to anoint a deceased person a day and two nights after the death. Also the fact that they were bringing the spices to anoint him means that they

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