Exploitation Of Women In Advertising Research Paper

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The exploitation of women in Ads

What are the dangers for the companies to use such types of ads? What are the different reactions of men and women to this kind of ads ?

The exploitation of women in the media has been part of the advertising industry since its beginning, although the level to which women have been exploited has changed drastically. Advertising is a highly visible and seemingly controversial agent of socialization (Paff, Lakner, 1997). Indeed, it appears everywhere in our lives, on television, on the internet, on busses, in our mailbox, in magazines, and now in the toilets of our favourite restaurants or nightclubs. Jean Kilbourne, one of the best-known advocate of raising awareness about the exploitation of …show more content…

Advertising ideologically shapes our perceptions of beauty and strongly influences our ideas, attitudes and values within one’s culture. Advertisers achieve this powerful and direct communication through signifying practices which gives meaning to words and images (Kang, 1997). For example, the exploitation of women is most apparent in TV beer commercials, where the promise of sex and fun is the norm (Hall, Crum, 1994). For example, the Swedish Bikini Team commercial for Old Milwaukee beer. In this commercial, large-breasted blond women wearing bikinis were portrayed as fun companions brought in especially to party with very few men.. Through the exploitation of women in advertisements, this oppression leads to social problems, such the development of eating disorders by young women attempting to achieve the conditioned idea of the “ideal image” (Kang, 1997).

A lack of identification which creates negative attitudes

The notion that female products are sold from a male perspective is an important concept because it is a form of systematic male oppression, that most are aware of, yet still support and surrender to, or at the very most give minimal opposition. Visual images are especially important when influencing women’s buying behavior as most readers of advertisement look at the illustration, read the headline, read the body copy, in that order (Kang, 1997). Although, several journal articles, like the

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