Exploration During The Age Of Exploration

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It represents the central motives explorers were striving for during the ‘Age of Exploration’. God represents the aspiration to spread Christianity, Glory represents the explorers bringing power and a high status back to Spain, and finally Gold represents the wealth they aimed to obtain for themselves and their country.
His role in Portuguese politics in the 15th century was salient, especially when it came to the trade routes. He was accountable for the early maritime trade with other countries and continents, and early Portuguese exploration.
Dias is most extensively recognized for being the first European to voyage around the southernmost point of Africa. His journey allowed a sea route from Europe to Asia to open up.
During the Age of Exploration Vasco was a successful and respected Portuguese sailor. His discovery was tremendous, seeing as he was the first to sail to India from Europe, around the Cape of Good Hope.
Making 4 trips across the Atlantic Ocean, Christopher attempted to find a direct route to Asia. Unfortunately he never made it there, but he did end up landing in America. (The Americas)
Being the leader of the first voyage to circumnavigate the globe, he first visited the East Indies and there’s a possibility he visited the Spice Islands. Trying to get the Pacific, Magellan sailed to West Africa and Brazil. The Treaty of Tordesillas was a treaty between Spain and Portugal, it was made in 1494 and stated that the two countries would divide up the land

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