Exploratory Community Service Essay

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Community service is a constant in the world. It’s what brings together communities and opens up opportunities that people otherwise wouldn’t have taken. As each generation grows up, the needs of community service within changes but always remain. The current generation in community service brings the future into the folds. How we approach bringing another generation into community services changes with societal values and workplace relations. Today, there is a fine line to walk with community service, as we need people to be part of it but at the same time, we don’t want to restrict what could be possible. Community service is a way of touching the lives of people that often go unnoticed and bringing joy to places within you or others. That joy found in community service is something that should be cherished and shared among everyone. By…show more content…
The fine line that I spoke about earlier is this, right here. If students are required to do community service now, will they continue to volunteer in the future? Stukas, Snyder and Clary are authors who looked into how community service requirements affect students and they found that if requirements are heavy, it can have “...negative effects on students’ intentions to volunteer freely in the future...”. The whole point of introducing community service to students is to help them integrate it into their lifestyles now and for the future. Interestingly enough, Stukas, Snyder and Clary found that we can prevent the negative side effects of mandatory volunteering in students that don’t necessarily want too by allowing students to pick what they want to do in terms of volunteering. Additionally, if we lift the heavy requirements and allow room for students to pick volunteer opportunities that play towards their strengths whilst getting their hours, it won’t harm their motivation to volunteer in the
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