Export Of Indonesia Essay

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8. Major Export/Import Markets and Trade Balance Figure 10. Exports of Indonesia Figure 11. Exports trend of Indonesia Figure 12. Imports of Indonesia Figure 13. Imports trend of Indonesia Figure 14. Trade balance trend of Indonesia As per Economic Complexity Index (ECI) Indonesia is the 79th most complex economy in the world. The country ranks 25th in terms of export in the world. As per 2014 export data, Indonesia imported $178B and exported $178B. This resulted in positive trade balance. Indonesia’s top imports are Refined Petroleum ($26B), Crude Petroleum ($12.1B), Petroleum Gas ($4.04B), Vehicle Parts ($3.01B) and Broadcasting Equipment ($2.78B). Top exports of the country are Coal Briquettes ($20B), Palm Oil ($17.5B), Petroleum Gas ($17B), Crude Petroleum ($9.7B) and Rubber ($5.42B). Indonesia exports to Japan ($24.9B), China ($20.8B), the United States ($18.8B), Singapore ($18.7B) and India ($13.6B). The top import origins are China ($32.5B), Singapore ($25.6B), Japan ($15.4B), South Korea ($11.6B) and Malaysia ($10.6B). 9. Exchange Rates (with major trading partners) Indonesian Rupiah 1.00 IDR inv. 1.00 IDR US Dollar 0.000074 13535.400000 Euro 0.000070 14338.347458 British Pound 0.000059 16889.472120 Indian Rupee 0.005060 197.626652 Australian Dollar 0.000099 10076.496207 Canadian Dollar 0.000100 10007.319508 Singapore Dollar 0.000105 9481.559315 Swiss Franc 0.000075 13342.599438 Malaysian Ringgit 0.000329 3044.057124 Japanese Yen 0.008360

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