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The Beauty of the black Widow

Gordon Grice is fascinated, maybe obsessed with the black widow. He begins provocatively “ I hunt black widows. I capture it. I have found them in discarded wheels and tires and under railroads tires. I have found them in house foundations and cellars…I have found them I hospitals and in the den of the rattlesnake…. (176) In this quote Grice start with first person in place and with the repetition of “I” so that the reader can get the attention into it. Grice’s purpose in the “ Black widow” essay is to inform the audience about the widow’s life style. He shows inspiration, fascination, respect and love for widows. He furthers his purpose by using rhetorical strategies throughout his text. …show more content…

Here in this quote he is informing the audience that widows are black pearls for him. He feels inspiration, fascination, respect and love for widows that he compares them to such expensive precious and exquisite jewels. He also shows the audience that we should feel the same for widows that instead of been afraid ad kill widows, we should take care of them, gave them love as if they were humans. In this

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