Extremely Controversial Topic of Human Cloning Essay

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Human cloning is one of the most controversial topics regarding modern science, and the advances of genealogical study. There are many opposing views on the topic. Many people chose to bring things such as human safety, implications on basic morality, and even the violation of things such as religion and nature itself into the debate. Both sides of the infamous "cloning debate" have their standings, and both sides propose valid points. Human cloning however should be legalized and funded because of how new it is to modern science, the many benefits to be had in the scientific field of biology from it, and the benefit that could be had in the medical field. The first successful cloning of an animal, was that of a sheep in 1996, …show more content…

The secrets of all of these things are locked within our genetics, and cloning can help augment our knowledge through allowing us a closer look at them. As a result of the field of study required to successfully clone an organism, t is a logical conclusion that increased understanding of genetics can help us face many of the difficulties we have as human beings; One of these difficulties being how prone humans are to injury. In the medical field, their main concern is treating injuries humans receive in the most efficient way possible. Many of the key things about the rate of human healing, and inclination to things such as diseases lie within understanding of human genetics, an impossibly complex subject. An example of one of the advancements we have reached in that field is that of growing replacement tissues. A goal that doctors and researchers in the medical field strive for is a future in which humans no longer have to wait lengthy amounts of time on an organ donations list, which, tragically often come far too late for those that need them. This is possible with the ability to grow organs humans' need, without fear that the human body will reject them. Though our knowledge in this field is limited, scientists still have high hopes for what we might be able to accomplish in time. Not only the newness of human cloning to modern science, but also the many

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