F Scott Fitzgerald And Zelda Gatsby Analysis

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Flashback to the roaring twenties, where lavish parties are the new fad, the economy is booming, and the alcohol is pouring into fancy champagne glasses—life is magical. Or so we think? F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Fitzgerald are one of the most iconic and chaotic relationships of their time. Any form of news platform would give you the latest scoop of what party the famous author and his southern belle throw and what crimes they commit. What happens behind the headlines and cameras flashing—a different perspective. Despite the witnesses pitying the alcohol-enraged novelist, F. Scott Fitzgerald is the reason his wife Zelda Fitzgerald goes mentally insane.
The southern belle Zelda Sayre is the beauty of Montgomery, Alabama; her mother favors she and father disregards her because of her fair complexion and beautiful features. Her father, Anthony Sayre’s focus is more about the family’s finances rather than his daughter’s life. In this time period, being wealthy is not the most important part of the “social class” of Montgomery, Alabama (Wagner-Martin 1). Many townspeople believe in settling down quick and teaching young women early about preparing to be a housewife. Though Zelda enjoys all the attention given to her from men and women, she still wants to live her life. Zelda cares more for the undivided attention from the men in the service than staying at home, feeling shut out from the world. Some individuals may assume that she is simply a “spoiled” younger child or a

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