Zelda Fitzgerald

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  • Zelda Fitzgerald Essay

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    Zelda Fitzgerald Zelda Fitzgerald began life looking forward to what it could offer her. A popular debutante and success at everything she had yet to try enticed her to believe that she was infallible. It was only during her later life that she realized that life, both physically and mentally, had its breaking point. Though many things have been blamed as the cause of her mental breakdown, there is no specific root to her problem. Diagnosed as schizophrenic in 1930, Zelda would be condemned

  • F Scott Fitzgerald And Zelda Gatsby Analysis

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    Or so we think? F. Scott Fitzgerald and Zelda Fitzgerald are one of the most iconic and chaotic relationships of their time. Any form of news platform would give you the latest scoop of what party the famous author and his southern belle throw and what crimes they commit. What happens behind the headlines and cameras flashing—a different perspective. Despite the witnesses pitying the alcohol-enraged novelist, F. Scott Fitzgerald is the reason his wife Zelda Fitzgerald goes mentally insane. The

  • Compare And Contrast Fitzgerald And Zelda

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    his stories. This essay will include comparisons of Fitzgerald and Zelda’s love life and personalities to the personalities and love life of the characters in his novels. How themes of his novels include feminism, racism, The American Dream, socio-economic division relates to

  • F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Beautiful And Damned

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    Anthony’s wife, and Dot, Anthony’s mistress represents Fitzgerald 's wife, Zelda. The way that Anthony meets Dot, as well as the personalities and the lives of these women are very similar to Zelda Fitzgerald. Gloria is the sophisticated city girl, while Dot is the simplistic country girl sides of his wife. Gloria can be also classified as the wild public version, while Dot is the troubled private version. Zelda Fitzgerald is the wife of F. Scott Fitzgerald 's wife, but she is also an American novelist.

  • Great Gatsby Influences

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    Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald The way a person writes can be influenced by several factors. In The Great Gatsby written by Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald, this novel is loosely based on Fitzgerald’s own life. The Great Gatsby is not only based on Fitzgerald’s life, but it was also influenced by his long-time love affair with Zelda Fitzgerald and his long time addiction to alcohol. The time period in which this novel was written was influenced heavily by the end of the War, this time period was also

  • Analysis Of F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Beautiful And Damned

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    off Fitzgerald’s own personal life and struggles. Fitzgerald coming from a poor family, uneducated, is America’s most famous writers of all time.The Beautiful and Damned the characters slowly go downward as the book advances. An uneducated, unknown childhood life turned out to be one of the greatest writers, Fitzgerald’s books portrayed his own life emphasizing flaws in every aspect. F. Scott Fitzgerald was born on September 24,1986. Fitzgerald was born in St.Paul, Minnesota . His father was not

  • A Tale Of The American Dreamer

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    A Tale of The American Dreamer As we reflect back into time, we wonder who may we reflect back on? Today, we will be focusing on F. Scott Fitzgerald. Our book title is called “F. Scott Fitzgerald:The American Dreamer”, and is scribed by John Tessitore. This book is nonfiction and is a(n) biography. We will also note that the story takes place in 1896, and in the city of St. Paul Minnesota. Stating the basis of this novel, and now moving on to learn more about our eccentric American

  • Francis Scott Fitzgerald Essay

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    Francis Scott Fitzgerald Thesis: Francis S. Fitzgerald was a talented writer; his only flaw was that he liked the combination of alcohol and the night life. One of the most widely recognized writers of the 1920’s and 1930’s was Francis Scott Fitzgerald (Beebe 339). He followed his dreams of being a writer, until he finally succeeded. Francis Scott Fitzgerald was a talented writer; his only flaw was that he liked the combination of alcohol and the nightlife (Coale 190). He spent his life

  • F Scott Fitzgerald Research Paper

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    The Great Drinker F. Scott FItzgerald (his full name was Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald) was born on September 24, 1896. He was born in St. Paul Minnesota to Edward Fitzgerald and Mary Mcquillan. Mary’s family was an Irish-Catholic family with a little bit of money from wholesale grocers. His father owned a wicker furniture business, which ultimately failed, so he got a job as a salesman. Being a salesman took Edward’s family back and forth between Buffalo and Syracuse in upstate New York. Edward

  • Analysis Of The Beautiful And Damned By F. Scott Fitzgerald

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    “Everybody's youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness” (Fitzgerald). Fitzgerald’s experiences from his lower class childhood shaped his obsession with material items, leading to the idea of bettering one's social status. This desire to climb the social ladder in the 1920s shaped his view of the world and how people are self-destructive. F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, The Beautiful and Damned, reflects his social adulthood and deteriorating marriage as well as his view of how chasing after the American