F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby

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For my Teacher Work sample I decided to teach a novel that is widely regarded as The Great American Novel, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. My own community of Pennsuaken, Nj, is comprised of a diverse kaleidoscope of races, ethnicity, and nationalities. This broad range of characteristic, that often conflict within and outside of the classroom learning environment. My job as a the learning facilitator is cohort these differing ideologies into a unified idea of what their children should be exposed to and learning within my classroom, whilst balancing the complex characteristic within Pennsuaken Township; thus ensuring the education for not just my student’s but myself as a teacher. The Pennsuaken school districted is located in…show more content…
Also, with around 401 teachers within the district, thus placing the student-teacher ration to 13.4:1. This percentage is relatively low compared to the nation average, which ensures that all student’s are given the proper amount of instructional time, thus ensuring that all students are given an equal opportunity within their classroom. The Pennsuaken Township is comprised over roughly Since my town of roughly 40,000 people is situated so close to two major metropolitans (i.e. Philadelphia and Camden), this proves to be monstrous obstacle for myself to overcome to ensure that my students are learning to the best of their abilities. Furthermore, being so close to major cities may pose logistical complications, such as traffic, public transportation, and all other negative connotations that are situated with living in a vastly urban environment. According to the 2010 nation census Pennsuaken Township is racial makeup comprises of around 47% white, 26% African American, .5% Native American, 8% Asian. With this vast diversity among the community it is extremely important for myself to ensure that all my students are receiving all the resource that they need and that these resources are sensitive towards their specific culture. Another huge monument to overcome is the size of Pennsuaken Township, which is comprised of roughly 12 sq. miles. With a population density of the township around 4,000/sq. miles, space can at a premium. This high cost of land
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