F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby

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For my Teacher Work sample I decided to teach a novel that is widely regarded as The Great American Novel, F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby. My own community of Pennsuaken, Nj, is comprised of a diverse kaleidoscope of races, ethnicity, and nationalities. This broad range of characteristic, that often conflict within and outside of the classroom learning environment. My job as a the learning facilitator is cohort these differing ideologies into a unified idea of what their children should be exposed to and learning within my classroom, whilst balancing the complex characteristic within Pennsuaken Township; thus ensuring the education for not just my student’s but myself as a teacher. The Pennsuaken school districted is located in and near a major metropolitan has effected my learning plan in numerous aspects, so negative while others extremely positive. With around eleven K-12 schools located within Pennsuaken Township, and a total of around 5,000 students, so the task of educating these children becomes a monstrous task for teachers. Since Pennsuaken’s school district is located in a slightly lower socioeconomic status area of New Jersey. To be an effective learning facilitator, I must accommodate for families that rely heavily upon public transportation, as they attempt to get their children too and from my classroom. The spending within the school district is around 1.3% undress the national average, which can negatively impact the total number of resources…
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