F. Scott Fitzgerald 's The Great Gatsby

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F. Scott Fitzgerald, wrote the Great Gatsby in 1925. It was based to take place in “West Egg,” a made up town in Long Island, New York. Nick Carraway a bond salesman who had just moved to West Egg, across from his cousin, Daisy Buchanan, and next door to Jay Gatsby, who later we find in this novel are connected. When Nick moves in and is invited to go across the water to East Egg for dinner. He then sees his cousin, Daisy, who is with her husband, Tom Buchanan, and friend Jordan Baker. Within a short amount of time in this book, we learn that Daisy has issues within the marriage due to her husband’s cheating and his absence of their child’s birth. When Nick mentions the neighbor, Jay Gatsby, Daisy happens to perk up; this can help infer she knows something of him. Once Nick arrives home, he spots Gatsby, who is staring across the water to a green light and stretching his arm up towards it. The book then transitions to Tom and Nick heading into New York from East and West Egg. Tom then keeps insisting on showing Nick the women Tom is seeing on the side. They pass through “the valley of ashes” and stop at a mechanic located here. The book then introduces us to Myrtle, the mechanic’s wife. When Tom and Myrtle want to see each other she claims she is going to see her sister but actually drive to an apartment and invite some people, actually including her sister (who are small characters.) Nonetheless, they still spark an interest in Nick about Jay Gatsby, and
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