Facebook Is A Good Thing

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Facebook is allowing people or users to socially connect to old friends from their past, meet new people, be connected to the world news and share it all with your friends and family at a touch of a button. 1.49 billion Users around the world are logging into Facebook (Noyes, 2015). With only 320 million people in the US alone means a great deal of users are international. According to Lev Grossman at Time magazine, when naming Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, person of the year 2010, says that 70 percent of Facebook users are from other countries. That means twenty percent of the 7.2 billion people on this earth are socially connecting with one another around the world. Facebook is portrayed as a good thing, connecting people…show more content…
They feel a need to tell people what they had for breakfast and show photos of their dogs. People are replying and on Facebook, indicating the like it! But as they socially connect while on busses, in the doctor’s office, or at the dinner table during a first date, what is the cost people are paying? Many groups have decided do research to show the negative effects of social media. More and more, research is showing that scotia media is damaging social behavior, how people interact with other people. Primarily a Facebook user creates an artificial online persona, which intensifies only positive emotions, which can be differentiated from what a person is really like in the real world, which has more negative emotions, and that leads to damaging social behaviors. On Facebook, 136,000 photos are uploaded every 60 seconds (Noyes, 2015). These photos and shared on the internet to apparent friends and family. Combined with all the user’s posting efforts of messages, movie likes, responses to other posts, and whatever personal information they choose to share on what Facebook calls a wall, their posting habits create an online persona. This is what other users see and can base opinions on of that user when looking strictly at the online persona. What’s more is according to Brown, Kathryn, author of “The Risks of Taking Facebook at Face Value” (2012), users post pictures of personnel information that happens in their lives
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