Facebook 's Influence On Social Networking Essay

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The social networking site Facebook has become increasingly popular since it was first started. Facebook is way more popular than any other social media, and over 1 billion people use it each and every day. People of all ages have joined to use it for a various amount of reasons. Facebook always has something new and interesting on it. Everyday when I get on Facebook I see different kinds of entertainment and breaking news all over the site. I see videos of all sorts, I see old news, and I see recent news. For a example, I didn 't even have to watch the President election, all I had to do was get on Facebook and just read the status ' people would post about wat was going on. I honestly think more people find news out from Facebook then from the actual news channels. Approximately one in every thirteen people in the world has a Facebook account. With this being said, it puts into perspective just how popular social networking is. As of 2011, over 500,000,000 people were registered on Facebook, and over half of them log in daily. With this being said, the demographic changes with age. Younger people and elderly people are less likely to have a Facebook, while 48% of adults age 18 to 34 have them. That’s almost half of that age bracket, an astonishing find to the popularity of social networking. But why do 72% of internet users in the U.S. have a Facebook? The answer is that it is appealing. People like being able to record their lives, and are happy to show them off to

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