Facilitating Student Learning At A High School Biology Classroom Essay

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Facilitating Student Learning in a High School Biology Classroom
Vision Statement
My goal is to establish a classroom environment in which students will take ownership of their learning and enjoy the active pursuit of knowledge. Together we will explore the ways in which scientific concepts relate to our daily lives and impact our communities. Learners will be encouraged to interact with scientific concepts in a variety of ways, and will begin to break down the notion that the pursuit of scientific knowledge must be completed individually in a sterile laboratory setting. Even if students do not plan on pursuing careers in science fields, they will leave my class with better understandings of the nature of science and how to evaluate sources of scientific information, as well as a stronger desire to engage with the natural world.
What is Learning? To learn is to acquire information through experience, and to be able to pass on that information to others at a future time. Learning is an active and collaborative process, during which students and teachers work together to pursue knowledge (Woolfolk, 2016). The learning process is most effective when students feel challenged to acquire and understand new information within a supportive environment (Schwabe & Wolf, 2010). Teachers facilitate learning in a variety of ways, including encouraging students to interact with information on multiple levels (Pohl, 2000). Simply memorizing information is not a true sign of deep
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