Facism and the Counter-Enlightenment Essay

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Facism and the Counter-Enlightenment

One of the primary ideas of the counter-enlightenment is its attack of reason. The leaders of the counter-enlightenment argued that humans are not rational beings, and we are separated by our difference. The leaders were against all types of people coming together as one. This would probably explain their hatred for communism. Most were against women and other minorities. They looked at race and gender as means of inferiority. To some groups, the people who were considered superior of races and sex were European men. These white men were considered to be the smartest, most creative, and strongest of all classifications of people. It is thought that these white men are born to dominate
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Leaving innocent victim dead along the way especially Jews. Women have also suffered such ideas because most men have thought of women as inferior to them. I must note that women have been thought of as inferior long before the counter-enlightenment. As mentioned previously, Adolf Hitler was one of the most famous and successful leaders of the fascism movement. He is regarded as one of the supreme dictators. He evoked a spirit of unity and hope among the German people, with this hope Hitler was able to lead a crusade that extinguished millions of Jews and other “inferior people”. Hitler hated communism and Jews most of all. He hated communism because he did not think that all people are equal, and if you tell inferior people that they are equal to the superior people then the inferior try to take away from the superior in the name of equality. This type of thinking proposed a problem for leaders like Hitler, but it could not stop them from attempting to complete their mission. Hitler’s antidote for equality among humans was to simply to brainwash the Germans and other followers to see the inferior as de-humanized or in animalistic terms. He also promoted the ideas that in order to succeed in eliminating the inferior one must not be compassionate or have pity for the inferior. This is quite a genius plan because it is a lot harder for someone to someone that looks pretty much just like you, but if you

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