How Hitler and Nazi Soldiers Got Away with the Holocaust Essay

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When it comes to rights and responsibilities, the Nazi soldiers abused their power and diminished Jewish rights. It was their belief (the Nazi soldiers) that it was their job to destroy and end a race, the Jewish race. They were led by the all famous Adolf Hitler. Many are surprised that Adolf Hitler was able to carry his evil plan so far, and others are not surprised at all. Adolf Hitler wanted the Jewish race to be destroyed forever. But he didn’t just stop at beliefs. Even if you were a Christian, Catholic, Atheist, etc., you were still in danger. You were still in danger because if you looked Jewish to him then you were swooped up and taken hostage in a concentration camp. He considered any one Jewish if you were not up to …show more content…

By harder, I mean practically impossible. Sadly though, most of the time it was just impossible, literally. One reason it was becoming harder was because the Nazi soldiers started to hand out coupons. These coupons limited how much food a Jewish person could buy and just exactly how much of what brands of what food they could buy. So a couple could be trying to feed a family of four, but they would only have enough coupons for two people to be properly fed. If you got caught with more coupons than you were given then you received serious punishments. The punishments ranged from harsh to just flat out evil. It makes me wonder, to this day, how could anyone be so cruel as to be able to do some of those things to a person, a living, breathing, human being, and not feel any guilt or remorse, or at least not show any guilt or remorse. If the whole coupon dilemma was not enough, the people started to lose their jobs. A great example of people who were affected was the doctors. Almost all of the Jewish doctors started to lose their license and without a license they could not work and without working they had no money to pay the bills. That highly affected their rights because when they were losing their licenses, the people who were taking them away had no valid reason as to why they were other than the fact that they were Jewish. The Nazis were hurting the innocent people, inside or

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