Factors That Affect The Social Location Of A Person With Race, Class, Age, Sexuality, And

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each other for us. Intersectionality means the interlocking a person with race, class, age, sexuality and so on. For example, people of same race will experience different treatment depending on their social location in the class structure as a working class, professional managerial class, or unemployed class; in the gender structure as female or male; and in the structure of sexuality as heterosexual, homosexual, or bisexual. In particular, for example, an unemployed black lesbian would be treated extraordinarily and be despised or be marginalized from the center in a society because of her minority group as black, female, and a possibly problematic sexuality. There is a myth that whites and heterosexuals are normal because they are dominant. Also, many people do not know how to interact with a person who they do not believe are ‘normal’ because of differences of sexuality or gender such as homosexual, bisexual, and transgender.
In terms of my social location in race, I am apparently Asian girl. Western people can recognize me as an Asian girl visually when they see me without any self-introductions because I have black hair, black eyes, and flat nose. People can categorize me only by physical appearances. Some people might imagine that I am intelligent, kind and calm girl which are typical stereotypes for Asian people even though they do not know which part in Asian countries I am from such as Korea, China, Thailand, Japan and so on.
Unfortunately, I have uncomfortable

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