Factors that Contribute to Social Illness in Brunei Darussalam

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Social illness is an outcome of a negative way of social life. It really can change and control the mind-set of the people where this illness is not easily treated. It a concern to countries such as Malaysia, Japan and other countries including Brunei Darussalam as this social illness kept growing. It was unknown that when this phenomenon had started. It becomes more noticeable in the 20th century. Social illness also arises in Brunei Darussalam though it is not at a high rate even so it still does exist. So, what are the factors that contribute to social illness in Brunei Darussalam? This essay will discuss about the factors of social illness in Brunei which is to be more in the nature social behavior, homosexuality and pregnancy outside marriage.
The first factor related to the nature of social behavior. In Brunei Darussalam, social behaviors are not excluded especially in heavy consumption of alcohol. As these days, adolescent in Brunei are proudly saying they are Muslim yet they also swollen with pride consume alcohol (Hajah Siti Anyah, 2010). This issue shows that there is lack of morality towards the Bruneian and it is really dishonored that as a Muslim; they should have been look after with the religion and avoids the sins. In this issue also shows that there is still Bruneian whom does not practice and understand the concept of Islam like they should have not drink alcohol because it is stated in Islamic law that it is not permissible for a Muslim to consume

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