Fads Vs. Healthy Dieting. People Around The Globe Struggle

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Fads vs. Healthy dieting
People around the globe struggle with excess weight, but Americans exceed the rates of obesity in other first world countries by thirteen percent. According to Overweight and Obesity Statisics, there are 68.8 percent of the population is overweight or obese in America. Although the numbers of overweight and obese people are higher than ever before, many are not willing to work to lose weight. Americans want to sit back, relax, and put in no work but still lose weight, this being why so many people choose fad diet plans, which provide quick and easy weight loss (Fad Diets). On the other hand few people choose healthy dieting methods, which take longer to see results and include more work but overall is a smarter …show more content…

One of the current trending fads is that of going gluten free. This diet sounds as if it would be a great diet because there are still many food in which one can eat even after cutting out gluten, but due to the high amounts of nutrients gluten contains, this actually deprives the body of nutrients. Not only can this diet be harmful to your body it is much like other fad diets in its results. Cutting gluten out of a person’s intake will help them to lose a significant amount of weight quickly, but when the individuals are then ready to consume gluten once again, after losing their desired weight, they will quickly begin to gain their weight back (Amidor). Although fad diets can be harmful to the body and only provide short term results, there are many healthy diets that cause no harm to the body and provide long term results (Fad diets). Many diets do not include the supplements of a fad diet. There are many healthy ways in which one can manage their weight. A healthy way to lose weight is more than just a dietary method or plan but it is a lifestyle. This lifestyle consists of three main components, a balance of healthy foods, regular exercise, and portion control. Unlike many dietary plans, this lifestyle does not prohibit one from snacking or even from eating unhealthy snacks or desserts here and there. The key is portions. Eating an unhealthy snack will add

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