Fahrenheit 451 Analysis

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Now at first glance anyone may look at the book and wonder what does Fahrenheit 451 mean? Well Fahrenheit 451 is the temperature at which paper catches on fire. This is our first glimpse into Ray Bradbury’s dystopian world in Fahrenheit 451. So, this book was originally published in 1953 during World War II and starting the Cold War, which plays a huge role in what this book symbolizes. The author of Fahrenheit 451 is Ray Bradbury.
Now to summarize what the story is about our protagonist is Guy Montag, who is a firefighter that burns books since they are illegal. Then one night while walking from the fire station he runs into a teenage girl Clarisse, who tries to enjoy nature and the things that people do not appreciate anymore. Her innocence and free thinking cause Guy Montag to question his own happiness and society. That night he comes home to Mildred, his wife, to her overdosing on sleeping pills, which frightens him and makes him wonder his relationship with his wife. Then the next day the firemen receive a tip about an old woman that was holding books and the scenario goes downhill and the old woman torches herself with the books. A couple days later, Clarisse is killed in a car accident. This aggravates Montag and he wonders why someone would die for books and thinks that maybe books are the answer. Then Captain Beatty of the firemen show up at his house and is suspicious of his recent behavior. Captain Beatty implies he too was interested in books at one time, but

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