Fahrenheit 451 Society Analysis

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The Change in Society
Like a runner cutting corners to get the easy way out just to end up with less benefits is how the society today is being shaped into and how Ray Bradbury indirectly reveals through her novel. In the novel “Fahrenheit 451,” Ray Bradbury reveals that as the world avoids books, they lose the ability of critical thinking. Throughout the novel, Ray Bradbury uses different characters in specific situations in life to reveal that society keeping away from books also lose their intellectual powers and ability.
Bradbury uses Mildred’s character of naivete to reveal that people who avoid books not only lose the capability to be intelligent but leads to unsophisticated acts. The society that is displayed in the novel is said to be a ‘dystopian’ society and is illegal to have possession of any books. Montag and Faber meets for the first time and afterwards as they go to Mildred and her friends, “Montag reached inside the parlor walls and pulled the main switch. The images drained away … The three women turned and looked with dislike at Montag … The three women fidgeted and looked nervously at the empty mud-colored walls” (90-91). Mildred and her friends reaction of dislike toward Montag switching off the tv reveals they are greatly into tv and because of the society where books are illegal, they do not read or possess any books. The women’s nervous looking at the plain empty wall displays that they are lacking ability to think because their nervous feeling is

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