Fair Tax Persuasive Essay

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When you hear the unemployment rate is only 4.9% it sounds really good to the ears. Then you find out that is 15,626,100 people without a job it doesn’t seem so nice. I am tired of hearing people saying the are going to create jobs and then the jobs never appear, and I’m sure you are to. When I hear someone say they are going to do something I expect it gets done, there are no if and's or buts about it. Yes over the past few years the unemployment rate has been dropping but it is still there and that simply isn’t acceptable. Look I will level with you it isn’t going to be easy it will get hard but I think we can hit 1% or maybe even hit 0%. I personally believe that could have been achieved years ago but everybody was going about it in the wrong way. What I think needs to happen is old abandoned businesses need to be tore down in order to make room for the new. We could also support local businesses to expand. Also this will take time it isn’t going to be something we accomplish overnight it will be accomplished through the next decade. Where is all of the money for this project going to come from you might be thinking right now. Well I propose a fair tax system which equally taxes larger companies to small households. I feel it isn’t fair for large …show more content…

They were able to with limited abilities able to fight until they got what they wanted. We will do the same their will many naysayers and people who will try to stop us but as a nation we must trudge through it. Samuel L. Jackson once said, “ Great works are performed not by strength but by perseverance.” We will come close to failure along this road the key to success is going to be dealing with it moving on. There might even be a time where it seems we are going backwards instead forwards those are the times we must band together and fight on. We may be walking through darkness but at the end of the tunnel there is light trust

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