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Fairy Tales

Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm are famous for their renditions of some of the most beloved children's fairy tales. Among the hundreds is the well known (Schneewittchen) Snow-drop. This fairy tale is in many aspects common, imperfect, and vulgar, as are most of the fairy tale translations of the Grimm Brothers. These characteristics are what depict the Grimm fairy tales. The tales were primarily written to entertain and relate to the common peasantsof the 1800's. The stories are not what you would call a perfect fairy tale in that the end is not always as you would predict, but there is always a happy ending. In Snow White, there were many versions that the Grimm Brothers wrote but we only see the more modern version. Some …show more content…

It received a Special Academy Award (one full-sized oscar and seven small ones) from the Motion Picture Academy in 1938. The process of producing this film took Disney and the trained artists approximately four years to research and complete. Veteran Disney art director and designer Ken Anderson recalls, "One night in 1934, we came back to the studio to work after dinner, and Walt called 40 of us on to the small recording stage. We all sat in folding chairs, the lights went down, and Walt spent the next four hours telling us the story of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. He didn't just tell the story, he acted out each character, and when he got to the end he told us that was going to be our first feature. It was a shock to all of us because we knew how hard it was to do a cartoon short. He was doing something no other studio had ever attempted, but his excitement over 'Snow White' inspired us all." Walt Disney took his story line for Snow White directly from the Grimm's fairy tale even though there are over 20 adaptations of this particular fairy tale.

In the vast majority of German tales in which stepmothers figure as prominent villains, it is the stepdaughter who takes on the role of innocent martyr and patient sufferer. "The good spirit descends gradually from an angel into a fairy, and the demon shrinks into a playful grotesque of diminutive malevolence, while yet both keep an accredited and

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