Fairy Wars Legacy

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Prologue — Nueloo sat on a shelf fungus sunning her long legs and arms deepening her green skin. "Mavium, keep j-ju-juggling." She beat a small leafy branch insistently. "I'm thirsty." Mavium, was a willowy youth who Nueloo appointed to both playmate and general dogsbody. Nueloo, daughter of Lord Xir'ad of Foxpas, idly swatted him with the supple branch. "Brush your hair—it's kind of ma-ma-messy." Nueloo rolled over on her stomach like the creature of leisure she was. "Brush mine too and get me a drink." Mavium started throwing the balls at Nueloo. "Shut up!" Nueloo jumped to her feet calling, "Dawl." She got a reaction even though she wasn't loud enough to be heard all the way to the blacksmith's forge. Mavium's red eyes appeared as though they might ignite; and he clenched his fists. "I'm tired of you. Go bully someone else." He stalked off into the cool shelter of the woods. Nueloo left her perch, chasing after Mavium. "You'll be sorry." "I was sorry the first day I met you." Momentarily distracted, Mavium tripped on a root. Nueloo jumped on his back pummeling him. "You'll do a-a-as you're told." Mavium was trying to get up in an attempt to stop the onslaught when she saw it. Alarmed Nueloo hopped to her feet. One hand over her mouth, the other pointed to Mavium. "Oh, Mavium, you're hurt!" Bewildered, Mavium looked himself over. Smiling big, he jostled his erection. "This?" He pulled down the front of his pants exposing himself. "It must hurt," Nueloo's expression was
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