Faith, Family, And Religious Freedom

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The family is fading. Religion is falling. Faith is failing. The first right in the First Amendment, the right to the free practice of religion, is being viciously attacked by the citizens of America. The traditional family—an ideal so simple and fundamental that, twenty years ago, any alteration to it would be unfathomable—is now being challenged. Times are changing; society is changing. Among others, Elder Jeffrey R. Holland addresses this change in his speech, “Faith, Family, and Religious Freedom.” In this lecture given at Chapman University in 2015, he focuses on that trend in today’s society: faith, family, and religious freedom, or, more accurately, the decline in it. Traditional family values and religion have degraded at an astonishing rate, he claims; the fact that he devoted an entire speech to the topic proves the severity of said trend. Elder Holland builds common ground, quotes credible sources, and shows irrefutable facts and statistics to effectively convince his religious listeners that action must be taken to prevent the disappearing freedoms of faith, family, and religion, else disastrous consequences take place.
Part of the reason Elder Holland eminently convinced his audience that the decline in family values is an issue was how he established a solid common ground from which they could each relate. In a crowd so religiously diverse, in order to be truly effective, a sense of unity must be achieved and maintained throughout the entirety of the event to

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