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Faith Stance Essay

My family has never been very religious. I never attended church regularly, not even on Easter. My Dom and Dad both grew up Baptist. My Dad went to church often while my mom did not. They both maintained similar values even though one went to church more than the other.
I don’t have many memories of church but when I think about it only one comes to mind. I was a young girl, age five or so. I went to my family’s Baptist church in San Francisco where my Mom and Dad went as children. I don’t know why we went to church on this particular day, it was out of our norm for my family. I always felt uneasy at church because this particular church is where all my families ‘ funerals take place. It is an old church and by old I mean
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I prayed when someone died for their family or when someone was sick. I’ve also prayed for my family and myself. My Dad passed away when I was about to turn twelve, a few months before that my uncle passed away too. I couldn’t believe what happened and I thought God could fix it. That morning I prayed for it to be a mistake and when I didn’t get the response I l wanted I gave up. I thought I couldn’t believe in a God who took my father away. I still struggle with the passing of my Dad and my relationship with God. My friend told me when bad things happen to you something good will happen to make up for it. I don’t know of this is true. I just wish the world could be filled with rainbows and love, happiness and peace, and puppies and boy bands. I know many people have lost their dad, even both their parents. I never thought it would happen to me and it made me think there was something wrong with me. Was I bad? Why did my Mom and I deserve this? I am lucky for the eleven years I had with my dad but I never feel like the time I had with him was long enough. I tried to do better after his passing, keep up my grades, help out my mom, and to keep positive. Everything is still so hard for
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