Family Budget

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Family Budget Basics It's not always easy to meet our financial obligations each month, and that's where creating a family budget can help. Nearly every day, we have multiple financial demands placed upon us. Whether it is grocery shopping or paying the monthly electric bill, we're faced with family budget decisions all the time. Family Budgeting It's sometimes difficult to deal with financial planning matters such as family budgeting. There is one more bill to pay, or a big decision needs to be made on an expensive family vacation. But no matter how people might try to deny it, this is a hard rule of life: We make decisions all the time that affect our ability to stay out of debt. Additional Resources Household Budget…show more content…
Family Budget Worksheets We have created two more family budget worksheets. The aims of these worksheets are to help you compare your budget to that of an average family. Using information gathered by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, we've put together the following tools to help prepare and guide you through the process of creating a family budget. The nice thing about our budget tools is that you don't need any special software to get started. Family Budget Calculator If you want to make a simple comparison of your monthly family expenses, or your annual expenses against that of an average family, then your first stop should be our family budget calculator. This calculator allows you to input your monthly or annual expenses in each of fourteen different areas. The budget calculator then compares your family's spending pattern, or budget, against those of an average family as measured by a survey conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This family budget calculator helps you to figure out how your family expenses compare to an average family's expenses. Using information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this calculator allows you to input your monthly or annual expenses in each of 14 different categories, the calculator then figures out the percentage spent in each category and compares your budget to the national average. Family Budget
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