Family Compared To The Stereotypical American Family

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The stereotypical American family is all over television, magazines, and newspapers. Every day different people across America wake up to different family circumstances. The stereotypical American family- recognized as a married mother and farther and at least one kid, with a father who worked outside the home and a mother who remained home and looked after the kids and the family. Nowadays there are a big majority of single mothers and fathers. There are many differences with my family compared to the stereotypical American family. Differences such as my mother works just like my father works everyday instead of staying home, everybody takes part in chores instead of just the mother, my mother and father never married each other will raising me.
My mother works a full-time job just like my farther everyday instead of being a housewife. My mother had a job ever since she was sixteen years old as a teenager. She had been a single parent for over eight years raising me. From my mother marrying my stepfather last year when I was eighteen years in college at Lincoln University as I see that my roommate parents are not together as a couple because they have divorced as they argue while I moved into my dorm. Now that I transferred to Indiana State University this year it feels different to have roommates around me that have the same biological parents from their birth that are married. It sounds weird but it is very personal to experience that feeling of joy from me saying their

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