Family Is A Family System

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A family system is basically what makes up your family. It might be as small as a husband and a wife and as large as all the extended members of the family including the adopted ones. AS long as there is a certain bond and contact among each other enough to become family then certainly that is a family system. Just like any other units, a family is a unit that has its healthy and unhealthy habits. These habits bring out the well-being of a family in terms of trust, communication, respect and last ability. However big a family system is the above components could work magic towards a healthy existence. The essay below describes and discerns a healthy and an unhealthy family (Goldenberg, 2008).
Family is one of the strongest units ever known in the world of mankind. There is evidence beyond any doubt that proves that one can do anything for family and because of family. It is true that conflicts do occur amongst family members but it is priceless to belong in the beauty of family. A family needs to be healthy for it to radiate its beauty and for that the family members need to learn the health traits needed.
A healthy family needs to have good communications kills which involves excellent listening skills. Communication entails both speaking and listening in an orderly manner (Goldenberg, 2008). Where two members of a family are involved, they both need to understand that their opinions count and they could work together on neutral ground. There is need for mutual
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