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The Impact of Family Social Class on College Enrollment

Today in society the determination for a college degree lies beyond education towards future financial security. While college debt seems to be ever increasing, students from low-income families are less likely to attend college due to the financial hardship. The social class that a student’s family falls into shows correlation in whether that student will or will not attend college (Peske & Haycock, 2006).
By looking at the social class of families I will be examining the connection between family social class and college enrollment. Through the use of the ecological perspective I will be looking at the individual student, family, and neighborhood as micro effects with social class as a macro effect. Using this perspective I will be able to compare many aspects of
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On the local level schools are funded through property taxes in which a higher income neighborhood have schools with better resources such as career centers, labs, and programs that are attractive to university’s. As such, students from well-funded schools benefit from the resources and programs the school can offer to help excite students about college. While low income schools, students learn from outdated tatted textbooks. Similarly stated from The Education Trust report “…some stand in state of-the-art classrooms with brand new smart boards and bookshelves stuffed to the brim. Others, however, gaze at peeling paint and water stains on the ceiling, at empty shelves and blackboards with no chalk” (Ushomirsky & Williams, 2015). In making this comment, Ushomirsky & Williams give us the details in how two neighborhoods of different class in the same city face education in two very different ways. The effects of neighborhood are gran in the role they play for students to enroll in
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