Family Structure And The Family

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Family Interview Paper If the family structure is a mobile, the family meal is the string that holds each family in their place. The Grey’s are an entrepreneurial middle class family consisting of dad, mom, and five children. They have four children G, A, P, M, and S. The oldest (G) is ten, and the youngest (S) is one. Dad is a graphics engineer who works from home. Mom is a nursing student. Their schedules give them the flexibility to be involved in the children’s lives most of the day, which can be busy, as the three oldest are in school. Despite the appearance of chaos and a lack of routine, the Greys display immense flexibility and connectedness. At each step of the process during the meal, from food preparation to cleaning up, each member took a role. All six members, including the baby, were involved in age appropriate tasks, magnifying the connectedness of the meal. First The family chose their meal, chicken curry and homemade tortillas, ahead of time. As mom prepared the curry on the stove, the children were at the breakfast bar rolling out tortillas. This includes the baby, who sat in this highchair mashing his dough with hands. Each child was able to see the tortillas being cooked by dad, making the meal interactive and personal. The oldest son, G, was a bridge between his father on the grill and the younger siblings making the tortillas on the bar. The partnership between the parents, who trade off supervising and their own meal-prepping task, occurs very
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