Family Structures In The Early 19th Century

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Modern History Essay

During the early 19th Century, nuclear families proved to be the most prevalent type of family, however, in contemporary society a diverse range of family structures have prevailed. Some of the family structures that have become more common are lone parent families, couple families, same sex families and blended families. Many historians believe that this dramatic change in family structures is due to the change in values, attitudes and beliefs of the people within society. Divorce and marriage rates are one of many factors involving family structures that have been changed by contemporary society. Furthermore, lone parent, single and couple families are on the rise and are widespread all around the globe, particularly in the Western world. The prevalence of nuclear families has also decreased as a result of everchanging society. Therefore, contemporary society is having an adverse effect on family structures.
Overtime, the values, attitudes and beliefs of society have changed as a result of modern society constantly developing and advancing. Nowadays, a range of different family structures can be identified such as the blended family, step family or half family. Only around 25% of households today consist of a mother, father and their children, otherwise referred to as the ‘traditional’ or nuclear family. Today, couple family households are one of the most common type of families. However, during the early 19th Century, the nuclear family was the most

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