Family Violence During Military Families Essay

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Family Violence in military families
Family violence, including both child maltreatment and spouse abuse, is a public health concern in both military and civilian populations. Physical abuse represents more than 90% of all substantiated cases of spouse abuse in military families, followed by emotional abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse (Tasso, Whitmarsh, & Ordway, 2016). There is 4 types of intimate violence (1) patriarchal/intimate terrorism, (2) violence resistance, (3) common/situational couple violence (SCV), and (4) mutual violent control (Tasso, Whitmarsh, & Ordway, 2016).
One of the four types of family violence that is imperative is Intimate terrorism. Intimate terrorism consists of repeated and ongoing acts of severe relational violence and usually, though not exclusively, entails a man abusing a woman (Tasso, Whitmarsh, & Ordway, 2016). Intimate terrorism is extremely prevalent in today’s society, but adds the extra pressure of being military property and being trained to be in a reactive state at all times. That is the case for many US military families today, and the added mental health issues like PTSD and it can be catastrophic. Military families are more susceptible to physical violence because of isolation from family and friends and sometimes even social isolation (being in a different country, language barrier). According to a military facts sheet “The victim of domestic violence in the military is predominantly the female, civilian spouse of active duty…

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