Farmer Brown Crime Investigation

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Crime Scene Investigators have concluded the blood on Mr. Browns jeans are human and the same type as the victim (O-). The test results are indirect evidence that implies Farmer Brown’s jeans were in contact with O- blood at some unknown point in time. Therefore, the evidence is circumstantial and only provides reasonable suspicion that Farmer Brown may have been involved.

Crime Scene Investigators recommend completion of a DNA test to confirm the O- blood on the jeans is consistent with the DNA in Mrs. Brown’s O- blood and investigate if Farmer Brown was wearing the jeans at the time of the murder. Crime Scene Investigators plan to review additional collected evidence for physical and/or trace evidence left by Farmer Brown at the crime scene. …show more content…

If trace evidence from the crime scene, direct evidence such as a witness to the crime, or Farmer Brown confesses then the criteria for probable cause would be met and crime scene investigators support arresting and charging Farmer

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