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We have expressions which refer to the idea that we may experience time as subjectively happening at different speeds. For example, "A watched pot never boils." But, we generally take the view that, objectively, an hour is an hour is an hour and all things move forward at the same pace.

Yet, in fiction, time passing at different rates is a relatively common concept. Perhaps this intrigues us because of real world experiences which fit that concept in some sense.

When you look at signs and symbols, a common phenomenon is that imagery initially comes from real world items in a relatively literal manner but, over time, the symbols are kept even though technology moves on and the thing it refers to is no longer in use. Here are a couple of
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But, then, dead metaphors are also a commonplace occurrence in language. We keep using the words and we learn the intended meaning long after the real world referents which birthed them are long dead.

This also is something true in fashion. Formal fashion typically involves wearing clothing which is essentially outdated. Formalwear is generally inherited from a previous era. The more formal it is, the older the referent. American Marine Corps Dress Blues have roots dating back to 1798. The uniform of the Swiss Guard at the Vatican likely has roots that go as far back as 1506.

Thus, in language, signage, and dress, we are routinely surrounded by anachronisms, by things which refer to something from a much earlier era which are no longer a part of day-to-day life. We deal every day in the real world with things that are, in some sense, frozen in time while, for other things, time rushes on. Our formal wear tends to be old fashioned and somewhat frozen in time but our daily wear evolves more rapidly and keeps current with developments in textiles and other relevant
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Particularly in recent years, comic book publishers have tended to adopt a model where each monthly issue of the book in question is a single installment of a longer story-arc; for instance, a six-issue story arc where Batman takes on the Joker may only equal one night in the actual passage of time. Despite this, the story has taken up half a year of "real time". This, naturally, is going to affect both how quickly you can develop the overall narrative and how contemporary you can make it. However, all characters in a universe tend to inhabit the same "present", despite when they first appeared or how much time has passed in their
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