Fast Food And Burger Bars

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‘Do people expect us to cook lamb burgers in less than 8 minutes? Some people don’t understand that we cook everything fresh to order.’
Scope of the study
The aim of this investigation is to explore how does fast food burgers and burger bars impact on each over through the question fast food vs burger bars. Burger bars refer to a café style location serving predominantly gourmet style burgers . Fast food refers to food that is prepared in quantity by a standardized method and can be dispensed quickly and inexpensively for takeaway. Often available for purchase in drive throughs. This relates to Area of Study 1: Contemporary and Future Issues.
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Customer service relates to the service provided by staff to the customer’s throughout the whole purchase or dining experience. The quality of customer service should be one of the most important parts of running a successful business. It is important to provide good customer service to all customers including regular customer’s as well as new customers. Although good customer service can take extra resources, time and money it can generate positive feedback and reviews about your service, this will help to grow the business in the long run. Good customer service includes: wait time, polite and respectful service and quality of products although polite and respectful service may differ from each employee the wait time is dependent on the business and process of service of food.

Fast food is all about being in and out in a matter of minutes making the contact time between customers and employees very short. This statement was from an interview conducted with a fast food employee ‘At MacDonald’s our aim is to get people through the drive through in 3 minutes or else our store gets a bad score compared to the other stores in the area’ this impacts peoples understanding of how food is produced as they can get a burger and chips in less than 3 minutes ready to eat they have the understanding that this is what is classified as ‘normal’.

When visiting gourmet burger bars some people are shocked to find out that their food is going to take a minimum of 10

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