Fast Food So Good, But So Bad

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Melissa Medina Professor White Monday /Wednesday 10am to 11:15am CHM1020 Fast Food so Good, But so Bad I sit down to watch T.V to catch my shows I’ve missed. Once I press the on demand button, the first commercial is McDonald ten pieces chicken nugget with small fries for two dollar and fifty cents. I think to myself I could make a healthy dinner but I feel so tired for school and work. So before I could change in to my pajama, I decided to go to McDonald that a block away. Never thinking of how much calories goes into the meal that I’m about to take in. Fast food is America guilty pressure and because of that American people have become inactive when it comes to cooking. America society of the twenty-first century have gone to the breaking point where they want easy harmless food that cheap instead of eating healthy organic food. Fast food companies are targeting mostly children and students and make millions of dollars in profit. I know this because I’m a students and there are days I just want a burger then salad. Each and every day people choose to eat at fast food restaurants because it quick, especially for people with jobs and are always in a hurry, but many do not know the truth behind these fast food companies and the dangerous effects that happens when we eat fast food a lot. In this Research paper I will explain the reason eating fast food affect a person body, the danger and statistic of obesity in children and how

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