Fast Food : The Psychological Effects Of Fast Food

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Have you ever wondered what would happen to your body if your diet consisted solely of fast food? In today’s world everyone is hustling and bustling and never has time to stop for a quality meal. It’s just too easy to pull up to a drive thru and spend five dollars on a quick meal that fills you up, rather than taking an hour at a restaurant spending twenty dollars on a meal that satisfies you in the same capacity that fast food does. With work, school, and everything else, who has the time to sit down and have that quality meal? The United States has become the fattest country in the world and a large factor of that is the fast food epidemic this society has. People would rather spend less time and money to be unhealthy, then they would to spend a little extra time and cash to be healthy and live a better lifestyle. Fast food has a direct result on physical problems as well as psychological effects on the human body. When families are out spending time together going to the movies or shopping they often gravitate towards the cheap meals after spending all that money seeing a movie or buying a new pair of shoes. People often do not see it as a bad thing to save a dollar on a cheap meal once a week, as with anything, repetition will lead to a habit, and with a habit can come an addiction. In the 2003 documentary Super Size Me, Morgan Spurlock ventures on a month long diet of eating strictly McDonald's for 30 days straight and the results are staggering. Spurlock begins to

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