Does Fast Food Get To Be A Problem?

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Is fast food getting to be a problem? Many people love fast food but do not even now what it does to their body. There is getting to be more and more evidence that fast food is bad for people. Just about every day there is somebody that is going to the hospital because of all the fast food they eat. People may not like fast food because it is unhealthy, targets children, and exploits animals.
Schlosser and Wilson explain, “If you took the 13 billion hamburgers that Americans eat every year and put them in a straight line, they could circle around the earth more than thirty-two times.” That is just the hamburgers AMERICANS eat in a year. How many times would the hamburgers rap around the earth if that included every country? “Americans now …show more content…

This is spent on advertising alone, and this advertising is mostly going to children. Fast food restraunts should use this money on more important things such as, produce, or donating, or even more restraunts. “40 percent of parent’s report that their children ask them to go to McDonalds at least once a week” (Harris, Schwartz, and Brownell). Children wouldn’t be asking to go so often if fast food companies didn’t target them so much. Children see about 3-5 commercials a day just for fast food. Fast food chains target children through smartphones now to. They reach consumers with an app that can reach children anytime anywhere (Harris, Schwartz, and Brownell). It is ridiculous what companies will do just to get innocent children involved in something so unhealthy. Third of all, fast food companies exploit animals. It is horrible what fast food companies will do to an animal. They take a beef cow to be slaughtered when it is at a good size, and they will slaughter a dairy cow when it is not producing enough milk(“Animal”). Cows should get to live longer than that. According to Michigan State University, “…some [slaughter houses] process up to 400 cattle per hour, a speed which is nearly impossible to guarantee each is slaughtered within the regulation (“Animal”). This means that these cows aren’t even being slaughtered how they are supposed to. “About 98 percent of chickens used in egg production

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