Fast Food Violence

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It seems as though every time I go to a fast food restaurant, my order is not prepared correctly, or I’m dealing with a discourtesy worker. This supports the idea that fast food companies are not providing their employees with adequate training. Approximately two-thirds of the nation’s fast food workers are teenagers. They are targeted by the fast food industry because they are inexperienced and willingly accept the lower wages (Schlosser 143). Providing them with proper training would boost sales, leave better impressions on the customers, and can eliminate violence in the workplace. Fast food companies’ main goal should be providing their workers with a sufficient amount of training. Unfortunately, this isn't the case majority of the time. …show more content…

According to Fast Food Nation, “the level of violent crime in the industry is surprisingly high” (Schlosser 169). Majority of the crime is a result in robberies which are commonly inside jobs from current or former employees. These robberies are most likely to occur in the early morning or late at night when the restaurant is about to close (Schlosser 170). Proper training and precautions should be taught so that the opening and closing crews know ways to avoid these violent situations. One example would be all doors should be locked until it is time to open or leave for the night. Studies also show that when employees are treated with “dignity and respect, they’re less likely to steal from their employer” (Schlosser 171). The fast food industry should focus on employee safety as well how they are treated in the workplace to reduce the likelihood of violence and criminal activity The lack of training in the fast food industry has negatively impacted companies as well as consumers. Being that this is apart of the service industry, training employees sufficiently should be a top priority. If companies trained their employees properly and enforced the rules, they would see a rise in business and sales as well as customer loyalty. Since teenagers make up the vast majority of the employees in this industry, employers should properly prepare them for their next career path. There by, strengthening the infrastructure of the entire business

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