Fate: The Guiding Force Behind Life in Romeo and Juliet by Shakespeare

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A timeless topic--fate and free will--still captivates society today. Fortune cookies, physics, and horoscopes all contribute to the obsession people have with this controversial debate over who manipulates life; fate or free will. No one is sure who really pulls the strings, but everyone has an opinion on the matter. Many famous plays center on this topic, and one such play that features characters’ views on fate and free will is Romeo and Juliet. This legendary play, written by William Shakespeare, has been beloved by people for centuries, as they contemplate who is the guiding force in life? The play discusses just this, while depicting the lives of Romeo and Juliet: two desperate teenagers each trapped in their own worlds, seeking love …show more content…

Juliet is also sent a vision by fate, causing her to drink Friar Laurence’s potion during a moment of doubt. Juliet is almost about to talk herself out of swallowing the potion when she says, “O, look! Methinks I see my cousin’s ghost, seeking out Romeo…stay, Tybalt, stay! Romeo, I come! This do I drink to thee,” (Iv. iii. 55-58) and takes the drink. Fate’s plan could have been ruined if Juliet did not take the poison, so a vision is sent to her, insuring that the plan stays on track. Farther along in the play, Fate sends yet another dream to Romeo. However, this dream is of good tidings. The dream shows a dead Romeo, but then Juliet, “breathed such life with kisses in my lips that I revived and was an emperor.” (V. i. 8-9) Fate sends this dream to leave Romeo in an upbeat mood, before he is told the news of Juliet’s death. This causes Romeo to be put through an emotional roller coaster. At one moment he is extremely happy, loving being in love, and then the next he is distraught, desperate, and ready to commit suicide. The series of good news and then bad news puts Romeo in a befuddled state of mind in which he is not thinking clearly. Otherwise, Romeo would almost certainly check in with Friar Laurence prior to committing suicide. Fate masterfully manipulated these events and sent the dreams and visions at all the appropriate times to cause the deaths of Romeo and Juliet. Time, along with events, is manipulated by fate to instigate the lovers’ deaths. It is too much

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