Fear And Angst Disorder ( Gad )

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Fear and angst can often pursue us all from time to time. The worry over a big meeting that could make or break your career, or the fear of falling off the top of a cliff, are both rational and healthy fears. But when you start to worry over a simple meet up, or nothing in specific, then it’s possible you have an anxiety disorder. While there are seven to eight different forms of anxiety disorders, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), which is an anxiety disorder in which one has constant, overwhelming anxiety over… everything, and Social Anxiety Disorder (SAD), which is an anxiety disorder where one has anxiety only over social situations (such as public speaking, parties, going to school or work, etc.) are the two most common. Despite the fact that they are often viewed as very different diagnosis, GAD and SAD have very similar symptoms, treatments, and affect near the same amount and type of people. Because GAD is a mental disorder and affects your brain, which controls everything you do, it does have some physical symptoms. These can include restlessness, a faster than average heartbeat, muscle tension, and lightheadedness. Often times, somebody with GAD will have a lack of sleep because they are worrying over the next day, and thinking over the possible negative outcomes. This keeps the brain awake , not allowing much sleep. GAD can also cause bad dreams, that could wake somebody up. A fast heartbeat is caused by the constant worry, where the brain sends signals to

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