Fear And The Right Way Essay

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Fear? Not If You Use Measles The Right Way!

Ms.Jennifer was the head supervisor of a small town daycare called J.F.K, which means just for kids. Her favorite kid that attended the daycare was a boy named Trevor (2 years old). Trevor’s dad, Mr. Jack, is a widow, and lost his wife during childbirth. Ms.Jennifer is very fond of Trevor due to her past dates with his dad. One day, she notices that Trevor’s eyes were puffy, red and watery. Ms. Jennifer also witnessed other symptoms that were not normal with little Trever, such as him having a fever, a cough, and a runny nose...

Scheme 1: Make Your Daycare A Reality

Trevor: AAAA…..CHOO! AAAA….CHOO! (repeatedly sneezing)

Ms. Jennifer: Oh my, Trevor! What’s wrong, my dear.

Trevor: I don’t feel well, Ms. Jennifer.

Ms. Jennifer: You know what, you don’t look so well either. Hold on, let me check your temperature. (goes to grab a thermometer)

-Geez. You have a temperature of 104 degrees. We must call Jack. (dials Jack and explains what is happening)

Jack: Ok. I am leaving my job now and will be there in 10 minutes…

MOMENTS LATER…At the doctor.

Doctor: Hi, Jack. What seems to be the problem with Trevor today?

Jack: His daycare provider said he has a fever of 104 degrees, his eyes are swollen, red,

watery, he has a cough, and a runny nose.

Doctor: (runs a quick exam on Trevor) Wow! He even has signs of red patches on his back, which eventually will spread to other parts of his body. Were you aware of this

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