Fear Essay: Fear And The Fear Of Fear

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Fear is something every single human being has at some point in their life. When you are in dangerous, threatening, or scary situations, fear is what your body will feel. It is the ability to identify danger and make a choice to either confront that fear or flee from the situation like for example, if you were to break a vase, you would hide from your parents. That choice is completely up to the victim, and depends on the person. Although fear is handled differently by every person, it is a common emotion that everyone feels. Some seek out to overcome their fears, and seek the feeling of adrenaline they get from overcoming. Others flee the situation and don't think twice about trying to overcome their fear. In worst case scenarios people freeze …show more content…

Whether you're afraid of everything under the sun, or fearless everyone has had the feeling of fear overcome I believe anyone can overcome a fear. I have overcome a few fears in my life and believe with determination anyone can. I've been afraid of heights my entire life and overcoming that fear took years. I never thought it was possible for me to be in a roller coaster until that one day I was in a situation that made me surpass my fear. I've been afraid of heights since I can remember. Some people will scream and cry whenever they are far up in the air. To a person without that fear it may seem funny that being afraid of heights is childish stuff, but to me it's not. I personally am not a person to freak out about heights anymore since I finally conquered it by getting on a ton of rides and just letting it …show more content…

You can't just sit there and not do anything about it. Time will go by in a heartbeat without you not facing that one challenge you have in life which is to overcome your fear. We learn from it slowly and slowly no matter what the outcome is. Our imagination is usually a bit too clear for our minds, and our worst-case scenarios can go above and beyond with the fears that we have for things. In most cases, the thing we fear may not turn out as bad as we can imagine. When we want to give up on something in any kind of situation, we lack the panorama to see how things end up. Maybe the most important lesson is that we do not need to remove any kind of fear in our life. We can welcome fear with our life and cope with it. Next time you are fearful about anything don’t make it a big thing and fight through it. Fears can be pretty rational because there are some choices and risks you will have to take because you never know if it’s going to be the right choice just like in the video “What fear can teach us”. The men had to make a pretty difficult decision because there was a very low chance of survival. These are the kind of people that afraid of everything basically. They might over think the worst possible thing and just lose their mind about it because fear is something we will all face for the rest of our lives. There isn't a way to avoid being scared in life unless you face it. Each choice we make is followed by our

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