Fear Descriptive Writing

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The last thing I heard was, “Don’t worry, it will be fine.”, then I entered a state of darkness where all colour from my vision faded and combined to form black.

My body jolts as my reluctant eyes unfasten themselves. I can’t see as my vision is blurry. My sense of touch reveals to me that I am lying down on dirt. It feels cold against my hands, sort of like an early morning chill. I reconfigure my position so I am standing. My eyes are still obscured and thus I wait a few seconds for the strain from eyes to relieve.

The air in this area smells like dead grass and garbage. The air seems to be polluted with the aroma of smoke, almost as if there is fire.

I cannot hear much as my ears are still ringing, but I can just faintly make
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It is a windy day so the grass is swaying, giving it an eerie effect... almost as if someone or something is lurking behind the grass.

But that can’t be right.

The whole scene in front of me is dark and gloomy with a feeling of sorrow and death. I look at the sky for the sun, but I see nothing. The sky is empty and all that can be seen is the tedious, drab shaded sky, filled with nothing but a mist that is yet to allow the sun’s rays to enter this abominable place.

I turn behind me and observe my surroundings once more. I notice something that I did not see before. I identify a family of monkeys peacefully resting adjacent to a tree.

Wait, but there is more! There are some elephants near a crisp blue river that makes my mouth water.

“I could use some water right now to quench my thirst.” I thought, so I run to the river, full of exhilaration!

This bleak and dreary place has just turned into an adventure full of life and furor. As I run, I pass a herd of dark brown buffalos and some spectacular giraffes with their long delicate necks. After the giraffe comes deadly hyenas, majestic cheetahs, and the dazzling rhinos with their all-powerful
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