Who Is The Hero In Gregor Samsa's Metamorphosis

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The sky was more gray than it was blue, the clouds had blocked out all sunshine, the trees were a dull shade of green, the atmosphere outside was gloomy. I had just finished reading the Metamorphosis and I was terrified.
Gregor Samsa, unlike other protagonists, was no hero. He embodied and highlighted the characteristics of ordinary creatures. In order to conform to the expectations of his family, he had sacrificed his identity. He had made his job the absolute center of his universe; his concern with it changed him to an insect and made him oblivious to this fundamental transformation. His Metamorphosis made him ineffectual and eventually led to his demise. He passed away without a legacy.
I saw myself distinctly in Gregor Samsa. Day in and …show more content…

In order to live up to my new found purpose, I needed to sacrifice enjoyment, work my hardest, and persevere through obstacles. I no longer bothered being “normal”; anything that impeded the growth in my personality and reduced the efficiency of my life had to be eliminated.
With this in mind, I cut out people who tried to pull me down or who did not respect my hard work. I sacrificed banal activities like shopping or going out with friends to make time for learning and my family. Consequently, my world became smaller and I became less self-centered. I became aware of my many shortcomings - talking without thinking, procrastination, slacking off, criticizing people-and overcame them to some extent over a period of time. Since I had no one to seek solace from, every mistake and every failure forced me become a better person. For example, when I performed poorly on tests, I did not seek comfort from anyone. This way, the burning disappointment drove me to study harder next time.
The parallels between Gregor’s life and my life forced me to think independently and live differently. As I thought more about his death, I realized that the impact I made on others mattered more than the quality of my life. Ironically the Metamorphosis has transformed me into a better human

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