Fear For Children Research Paper

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Fear for My Children in Today’s Society

In today’s society of Black Lives Matter and All Live Matter. I am consumed with the fact my children are growing up worried about crimes being assumed of them. My fear for them started at their birth, thinking their future will definitely be better than mine. Yet when I turn on the television all I see is brutality against black youth. My fears are mostly for my son. He is a teen who very well could look like a man to most. Yet he is only fifteen. The fact that he is recognized as a threat and a thug or just being prejudged prior to even speaking to him has me worried. The life of a young black boy, not man has been taken away in my eyes. Giving my son advice that no other child of any race would ever have to hear. Son if it is cold, wear a hat not a hoodie. Son when you go through a store do not have your hands in your pockets and so forth. What other race has this fear but the Black one. I say Black because I have never been to Africa and from my experience with one that have not become friends. They really feel that they are …show more content…

She is my first born and I had fear for her just for the simple fact that she was a woman. Women have a harder life in my opinion. Her childhood has been her own unlike my son. I have pushed her in other ways. I motivate her to be the best and know that she must depend on herself. She knows that she will have to be the best to get the promotions in life. She will have to ignore comments focused at her so she can strive for better. Fear of racism never entered my head for her until Sandra Bland. Now that she drives, I worry about police. I tell her things no child in another race has to hear. Do not make a move while in the car if police stop you. Ask permission to get your identification and get your ticket and come home. We can fight it in an open court but not right now in that street should you die. No stopping for gas in the night. The list only goes on and

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