Fear Of Change In William Faulkner's A Rose For Emily

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Unfortunate memories causes Miss Emily to be trapped in her memories and create a dreadful present for herself. In his short story “A Rose for Emily”, William Faulkner illustrates that when an individual fears change and has an intense need for their lives to stay constant, suddenly has a traumatic shift in continuity,they may try to preserve a memory by recreating the stable situation, even if it is an event after the original trauma. After her father’s death, Emily tries to preserve the world she knew by trying to recreate the years she was with him by herself. “When we saw her again, her hair was cut short, making her look like a girl…”. With her father no longer being present, Emily had the possibility of moving forward and making her own choices. However, the unexpected change in her life causes her to frantically grasp for any familiarity to sustain her small field of vision left by all the years with her father to the extent she insists her father is not dead. When she does realise her reality is not real, she makes her choice. Emily’s attempt to look younger demonstrates her trying to revert back to when she was younger in hope it will somehow bring back what she knew and indefinitely put off having to to face her fear of change. Emily once again runs from change after she is married by perpetuating a single event to feed her need for consistency. When Emily got married, it would be understandable for her to believe the rest of her life would predominantly

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